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The risk of choosing a program which does not suit your personal profile is great. This is why so many people are hesitant about studying abroad, instead, choosing a university or college near home that they are familiar with even though the school is not rated very highly or may not even be accredited.


There are options and we are right here to help you cross that hurdle!
We have been working in the field of university and job placements for a number of years working closely with universities, business schools and recruiters around the globe.


We are only an email away if you have any questions regarding your future.

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An overview of our services

Academic Support for MBA & International Studies

  • Placement – The Application Process : First of all we would like to get to know you through a face-to face or virtual meeting and then find the perfect “fit” between you and the university or business school. We will then establish an action plan for your application.
  • Admissions Test Preparation:
    Dependig on whether you plan to do an undergraduate, graduate or MBA, you will need to take a language test ( TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS) and an admissions test: MBA – GMAT, masters – GRE, undergraduate – SAT

    • Tests: Preparation for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, TOEIC & IELTS
    • Assessment: Test Center for: TOEIC and TOEIC Bridge (www.toeic.eu)
  • Your Written Documents:

    • International CV/Résumé –  a one-page convincing document
    • Letters of Recommendation – you will need at least one
    • Transcripts – your school/university scores
    • Motivation essays – we consult on how to write a pursuasive document and then edit it
    • We also assist you during your studies:editing academic papers and thesis, coaching on how to present an academic paper

Applying for a Job / Intership in English

  • Consulting:
  • Finding a job in which you can flourish is a daunting task. Most graduates find it difficult to take the first step. With no experience in searching for the right job, writing a CV and going for an interview they often fail to get the jobs they hoped for.
  • You may be looking for international experience and need to prepare your documents in English and require interview training in English
  • You are looking for an internship abroad and need support
  • Job Application Services:
    • Connecting you with our network partners
    • Writing and editing your perfect CV/résumé
    • Writing and editing your convincing cover letter
    • Intensive coaching for the interview
  • Intercultural training – preparing to study/work in a foreign culture
  • Social etiquette – how to create a first good impression

Performance Management – English Coaching for the International Manager

So you have been assigned to take over a subsidiary in another country? Or you’ve been asked to lead an international project? Working internationally is a huge challenge if you have no understanding of the new culture(s).  We have been assisiting people like you to deal effectively with colleagues, subordinates and customers around the globe.

  • Intercultural training and building rapport across cultures
  • The international businessperson across cultures
  • Management – Employee relations across cultures
  • Recruitment & Interviews
  • Feedback & Performance Appraisals
  • Management styles
  • Decision-making across cultures
  • Giving Directives
  • Concepts of time across cultures
  • Concepts of contracts across cultures
  • Reading body language
  • Communication skills trainingInternational Presentations, Meetings, Negotiations
  • Working & Communicating with Americans
  • Working & Communicating with the British -Understanding “Understatement”
  • Socializing  around the world