• Applying for a Job / Internship in English
  • Applying for a Job / Internship in English
  • Applying for a Job / Internship in English
  • Applying for a Job / Internship in English
  • Applying for a Job / Internship in English


Your future depends on whether…

  • you have a convincing CV that will set you apart from the other candidates and get you on the shortlist
  • you know how to hit the right tone in you cover letter
  • you are familiar with the interview procedures
  • you can make an immediate positive first impression on the interviewer(s)
  • you know what the interviewer is looking for and are well prepared with all the right answers during the interview
  • you know how to ask all the right questions during the interview
  • you know and can use the jargon of the trade in English
  • you know how to leave an impact on the interviewers by showing them that you are the right person for the job
  • you know what positive body language is and use it during the interview
  • you know and use an effective “follow up” technique


Our Services:

  • Consulting
  • Job Application Services
    • CV and cover letter
    • writing and editing
  • Communication skills training
  • Social etiquette – introductions & small talk in English
  • Intercultural training – Anglo-saxon business styles
  • International Presentations, Meetings, Negotiations – coaching and seminars


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5-Day In-house Seminars (Private Coaching)

Learn to:

  • write a convincing international CV in English
  • write an effective cover letter in English
  • prepare for the interview in English
  • answer typical interview questions in English
  • “sell” yourself in the interview in English
  • use positive body language
  • describe your past and present functions in English
  • follow up after an interview


Confidence and competence is the key to a successful job application!


Many healthy companies are downsizing in a big way and there’s nothing to suggest that downsizing will end soon. Business has changed drastically – the focus is not on jobs, people, or even products – the focus is on profitability. Every company is watching its bottom line carefully and that means it’s watching you.

Because so many highly-educated, skilled, experienced workers are being laid off, competition for the job you want is much stiffer. Many of the “new jobs” created by the “new economy” are lower-level jobs than those being eliminated (middle-management is no more). Every job has one description at its core: to produce profit and a lot of companies are just starting to realize that. If a worker doesn’t address this job requirement, his job will go away. Few workers (or their bosses) could explain to the board of directors exactly how their work contributes to profitability, let alone explain it in a job interview!

Competition for good jobs is getting tougher and if you are badly prepared you have little hope of landing that job of your dreams. Submit a CV/Résumé that “sells” your abilities and skills, create a carefully formulated cover letter and learn to be confident and competent during the interview. This way you have a much greater chance of success.

Test of English for International Communication


As the world becomes a global marketplace, you need to prove that you can work anywhere in the world. A good TOEIC score on your CV can demonstrate this ability. TOEIC scores are a valuable credential for job-seekers, providing them with a certification of language competency that is recognised worldwide.

We are an authorized test center – preparing you thoroughly before administering the test – anywhere and anytime.
For more information about TOEIC: www.etseurope.org
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